Mexico Villa in Vila Madá

terça-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2008

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For those who enjoy cozy atmospheres in good company, enchiladas, burritos and a good tequila shot (lime & salt, please) - there's a great little, dimly-lit hole in the wall on one of the many steep hills in Vila Madalena on Rua Purpurina that has all of this and more - it's Mexico Villa. Serving up Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex (typical of what you'll find at most Mexican places in São Paulo). When I said a hole in the wall, I was serious. There has to be no more than 10 deuce tables, with a little window where you can see into the kitchen and and through which you can witness your waitress making your juice. The place is super cute and a great place to go with friends when you're looking for a spot to just snack, drink, and chat for hours.

We went on a random night during the week, famished after getting out of work late. Besides the two of us, there was a couple in the restaurant munching on all sorts of goodies which made us salivate even further. We turned to the waitress and said, "What can we get that's a big helping and cheap?" Isn't that something we should ask any waitress ever? And so she suggested a sampler menu of four different Mexican & Tex-Mex dishes for a whopping R$25. This came to us as a little pricey, but like I had said, we were famished... and so here came our sampler which started off with LOADED nachos (loaded because? refried beans, salsa, guac, cheese, oh my!), and was followed by enchiladas, tacos, and chalupas. Needless to say, I couldn't breathe much once I was finished.

We highly recommend this spot for random nights out in Vila Madalena wher you just want peace, good company, and mm, mm good comida. One other thing that too many people don't know about is they give you and your party 50% off EVERYTHING if you book your birthday there in advance!! That's shots of José for R$6...

Mexico Villa - Rua Purpurina, 493 – tel.: 3034-3062

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