Orange Point for Cheap Food & Beer!

sábado, 6 de dezembro de 2008

Eating and drinking near the Avenida Paulista area isn't the cheapest in São Paulo. If you're visiting and are willing to spend boatloads of money on food and booze - that's the place to go. If not, we've found a place for you to eat cheap, drink cheaper, and see what a Brazilian "boteco" in the Paulista area has to offer!

"Orange Point," or "Orange" for the more intimately acquainted with the place, is on the corner of Alameda Santos with Rua Consolação, one block from Av. Paulista. It has little tables outside, a bar inside with stools for barside eating and game watching on the little TV perched in a top corner. A 600 ml bottle of SKOL will cost you less than R$4 and is as cold as a New England winter. To round it all off, they have great hot sandwiches, with our recommendation being a "Bauru," on a mini loaf, with tomato, ham, and cheese (did we mention it's no more than R$3?). The service is great and the waiters will find tables and chairs out of nowhere if you don't happen to see any outside when you show up!

A laid back environment, Orange is home to broke interns who spend all day wearing suits and ties they can't afford and are thirsty for a beer after work and the GLQT crowd escaping the other side of Paulista (namely Rua Augusta). If you are feeling like a cold beer with your friends for a happy hour, a pregame, or even to chill all night, and don't feel like spending all of your weekend budget in one spot, Orange Point is the "point" to find all of the above!

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